About SCAP
The SCAP Secretariat

The Act allows for the Panel to be provided with the property, staff and services that Scottish Ministers consider necessary for the exercise of its functions. Ministers have made this provision by establishing a Secretariat.

The Secretariat is separate from the Scottish Government. The relationship between the Secretariat and the Scottish Government will be formally set out in a framework agreement in due course.

The Secretariat's aims are:

  • To ensure that the Scottish Charity Appeals Panel has the resources, facilities and administrative support to do its job well.
  • To ensure that SCAP operates in accordance with the Act, the Rules of Procedure and other relevant obligations and standards.
  • To help build productive and trusting relationships amongst Panel members, the Secretariat team, those who engage with the Panel and with the public.
  • To ensure SCAP operates within the agreed budgetary framework.

The Secretariat consists of:

  • The Secretary.
  • The Registrar/Deputy Secretary.
  • The Assistant Secretary.

From 1 April 2015 the secretariat is now part of the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service which provides administrative support for courts and tribunals in Scotland. The website of this service is www.scotcourtstribunals.gov.uk. This change does not affect the judicial independence of the Scottish Charity Appeals Panel or other tribunals that are now being supported in this way.